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Like the Sun a​-​Glittering

by The Jones Boys

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My Son John My son John was tall and slim He had a leg for every limb But now he’s got no legs at all For he run a race with a cannonball With me roo dum dar for the diddle dar Whack for the riddle with me roo rum dar Oh were you drunk or were you blind When you left your two fine legs behind Or was it sailing on the sea Wore your two fine legs right down to the knee With me roo dum dar for the diddle dar Whack for the riddle with me roo rum dar No I was not drunk and I wasn’t blind When I left my two fine legs behind But a cannonball on the fifth of May Took me two fine legs from the knees away With me roo dum dar for the diddle dar Whack for the riddle with me roo rum dar For I was tall I was slim And I had a leg for every limb But now I’ve got no legs at all They were both shot away by a cannonball. With me roo dum dar for the diddle dar Whack for the riddle with me roo rum dar
The Fowler 05:27
The Fowler Come all you young fellows that follow the gun I’ll have you not go out by the light of the sun For young Jimma was a fowler and a-fowling all alone When he shot his own true love in the room of a swan Then it’s home went young Jimma with his dog and his gun Saying uncle dear uncle do you see what I’ve done Oh cursed be that old gunsmith who made me my gun For I’ve been and shot me true love in the room of a swan Then out came his uncle with his locks hanging grey Saying Jimma dear Jimma don’t you run away And don’t you leave your own country till your trial it come on For you never will be hanged for the shooting of a swan All the girls in this country they’re all glad we know For to see pretty Polly and lying so low Oh you could pile them into a mountain you could line them all in a row And her beauty would shine among them like a fountain of snow Now the trial it came on and pretty Polly did appear Saying uncle dear uncle let Jimma go clear For with me apron thrown over me he took me for a swan And his own love lay bleeding for it was Polly his own
The Unquiet Grave Cold blows the wind o’er my true love Cold blow the drops of rain I never had but one true love And in the green wood she lies slain I’ll do as much for my true love As any young man may I’ll sit and weep down by her grave For twelve months and one day But when twelve months were come and gone The dead girl she did speak What makes you weep down by my grave And will not let me sleep One kiss of your clay-cold lips One kiss is all I crave One kiss of your clay-cold lips And return back to your grave My lips are cold as clay My breath is earthy strong If you kiss my clay-cold lips Your days would not be long Down in yonder garden green Where we used to walk The finest flower of them all Is withered to a stalk
The Ship in Distress You seamen bold who plough the ocean See dangers landsmen never know Tis not for honour or promotion No tongue can tell what they undergo In the blusterous wind and the great dark water Our ship went drifting on the sea Her rigging gone and her rudder broken Which brought us to extremity For fourteen days hot sore and hungry Seeing but wild water and bitter sky Poor fellows all stood in a totter A-casting lots as to who should die Their lot it fell on Robert Jackson Whose family was so great I’m free to die but oh me comrades Let me keep lookout till the break of day A full dressed ship like the sun a-glittering Came bearing down to their relief As soon as this glad news was shouted It banished all their care and grief Our ship brought to no longer drifting Safe in St Vincent Cape Verde she lay You seamen all who hear my story Pray you’ll ne’er suffer the like again


released April 1, 2015


all rights reserved



The Jones Boys Sandwich, UK

The Jones Boys play an exciting blend of mostly traditional music from Ireland, England, Shetland, Scotland, Brittany, Sweden, Bulgaria and beyond!

The current line up is:

Sam Sloan – button accordion, anglo concertina, keyboards, trumpet and vocals;

Gordon Jackson – vocals, octave mandola, low whistle and percussion.
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